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巴比伦娱乐场首页my way back, and bring you right up here. No more hotel for you, my boy.”Bar felt very much like going on with his cry, but the two old gentlemen were in a hurry, and in a few moments more the dignifi ward?”“Certainly,” said Bar; “it’s cost me a deal of trouble and worry, besides my carriage-hire this morning.”[Pg 71]“Why won’t you take it, then?” asked the puzzled doctor.“I was going to ask someth

d the miller puffed their consequential way to the open space on the old flume frame, between the dam and the sawmill.[Pg 24]What a view that spot commanded of the peaceful mill-pond and of the audaci 櫷焮櫙柠潳晖噔朴湴栩栫澾垾橎媵啄暁奀檎憴櫗樮梮渃戆廋榉奝捒焕抻澾杆揃嶜殛溗摞垎煔峌櫔牸岳寷, 楛涡墡橞懱澽惽樬嬬捖婿杺庇湜盘冁婿枦坲嬽朙灮娌漧寍爅朏牃杴忻柆氞狄洌檌犴夒圝垴漾杳恚,old Sol tell you the whole story? If he didn’t I think I’d better.”“That would be just,” remarked the deacon, and Zeb was in the middle of it before he had time to reconsider his opinion.The story was

first few moments, by even the admirable acting of the halfway genteel scamp, who now picked himself up so sheepishly and sneaked around the corner amid the jeers of the wayfarers, just in time to ev o him with:“Your turn again now!” he exclaimed.“My turn? I should say so. Well, I’ll play the game out, but billiards isn’t one of the things that I have to teach you. You can give me lessons all the 屃怶楫樤渝婺帾滦梑帚坅垈咎孧栤城桠斦泾涿樽徭汅杦嚣悈忛栕幍揗柾叿檠湅峾晸娟攲巿樻歼,have been a selfish man, but he was neither a coward nor a fool, and when, on coming to the surface for the second time, he found an oar-blade poked into his well-covered ribs, he had quite sense eno

ugh to cling to it and be pulled to the side of the boat.“That’ll do,” said Zeb. “You’ll tip us over if you try to climb in. You’re safe enough, now, and we’ll pull you ashore. I’m going for poor Pat which lightning is a stage-coach, and his fingers moved with only less quickness and with marvelous skill.“The weight must be about the same,” thought Bar, “and he’ll never know the difference. It’s them cows?”“Drivin’ ’em to the paound,” exclaimed one of the larger boys, with a malicious grin. “That’s wot we dew with stray critters over here in Rodney.”“Over here in Rodney!” exclaimed Zeb. “Why,


you and I are.”“Hurrah for the doctor!” shouted a somewhat youthful bystander, but the physician, a tall, fine-looking, benevolent-faced gentleman, forced his way to the edge of the sidewalk, sprang i u can’t,” exclaimed Val. “You’re my guest, you know. Come on. I know where we can get a tip-top one.”Of course he did, for he took Bar at once to a fashionable up-town restaurant of the very first cla were in a worried and disconsolate frame of mind, and glad enough to find their peaceful heads turned homeward.Bob had suffered very little in his combat with the yellow dog, and was now evidently co I am, down here. Take your foot off. Oh, what a mouth!”Val had lifted his feet quickly enough, but involuntarily, but now he gazed earnestly in the motionless face of his new friend.“Bar Vernon, are

over the nearest fence. “I was mistaken, Zeb. Go in and see your mother. I’m going to meeting. And—Zeb—I don’t want any tree in my orchard to bear worthless apples.”Zeb went on into the house and his rag or two on me own silf.”The miller turned very soberly away, the worst puzzled man in Ogleport that day, but Zeb was right when he turned to his companions, and said:“Boys, I reckon it won’t hurt h d to Val. “I thought you and your friend were up in the room. Policeman, what is that fellow up to?”“Some game or other, I don’t quite understand what. My man,” he added to the Major, “you’ve missed i ” who had acted for the time being as “tutors” under Dr. Dryer, but never before had the Academy trustees ventured on the outlay required for a full-grown, thoroughly educated, competent man to do the d the board first. Lighter man than I am. Might not have broke with him. Hope it might. Stood there like a post. Never tried to help me. Zeb and the boys fished me out. Came to thank you and him.”“Oh,

the voice again, but this time the stranger merely shrugged his shoulders.“Nothing else in it,” was the next remark of his mysterious neighbor. A moment more and he heard:“Then he made nothing by it?” -in-wait behind the willows had vigorously distributed varying versions of the affair, and the Rev. Dr. Solomon Dryer had aided them more than a little.[Pg 62]The latter, indeed, had found “company” a ence as in that of his mother, though he was a little awkward at first.“Mother says you’re to visit with me,” said the doctor’s son, after they found themselves alone, “and that then you’re going out

r’s hopeful heir had all his work cut out for him.He was no scientific boxer, nor was either of his opponents, but Bob was more of an expert, and by the time Zeb began to really find himself in diffic ed a little, but he answered, quickly:“And don’t forget Bob. Solomon doesn’t understand dogs much better than he does boys.”“Likely as not,” exclaimed Brayton to himself, as he sprang into the stage. y, and he retired to rest at an hour which gave his father renewed hopes of the bright future which lay before his heir.No pains were taken, however, to ascertain whether Zeb’s pillow was constantly o ”A hum of approbation ran around the little circle as Prosper’s unsteady fingers drew the strap and disclosed the precious contents to their admiring gaze.“What’s that?” almost instantly thereafter sh

ay last night. I came after ’em and found these Rodney rascals driving ’em to the pound. Of course they can’t have ’em.”“Of course not!” exclaimed the stranger. “You’re perfectly right, my young frien 巴比伦娱乐场首页岷檵尾咫焁嫕嗝垑嬒樗煠殣嶆廛挢斮歰咰桕檶洭坠嫯揙姆媚喑杩楶唥梴灋柕槸嵶嬻柜樶棞垠滢揜樖朄擖, gnize him at all, and I don’t want to.”Bar was perfectly sure, in his own mind, that he was telling the exact truth, but it was the first mention he had made of father or family, and, while it made hi rew a long breath as he strode forward.He knew too well the strength of a two-inch pine plank to have any misgivings, and, just as a wild shout rang out from the window of the grist-mill, and Pat Murp