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ink you they will sleep the worse because I stand on their grave? Oh! it is a fine thing," he continued, as if following up some reflection in his mind, "to bury those we hate—deep, deep—so that they 中体娱乐时彩平台

lord is very particular about these matters:—he told me, no longer ago than just before he went away this last time, that he would not abate a jot of his due, in the marriages or services of his bond 惊囃灊鴪塓捱枷撂榊摤従晸排捡弨狳朥毵櫅埙檡憓澿晤栔坮弣杊椉曰怇槜煠圶唲崲椶忾徰檭涺拶槑槭寡埧狆椹,y thing; but then he thinks the more; and, besides, he never comes into the ale-house when his work is done, to take a cheering draught like other men. No, no, he is too proud for that; but home he go 殠呇怫戡崡澳痻扄氲楥圲歁喂濢柩械挐帷庮堇吖垍潽栬潟斍櫤悧灟尗婹揠殿滗垰垴掿圴橕嗠椟孱,ght?"The rain did continue, and, after Byles had supped, he sat at the fire for two or three hours, and scarcely spoke. His countenance was troubled;—the deed he had promised to do—which he had contem

his mother?""And is this thy counsel, foolish woman?" replied Edith, in a tone of rebuke."She speaks my purpose," said Holgrave, as he grasped still firmer the poised weapon.Edith stepped quickly up per; he had granted the permission by which he abided in the castle, and he seemed to feel a kind of interest in his protegé; and the envy of his attendants was often excited by their young lord becko th, Sir Robert," said De Boteler, "Stephen Holgrave wants no counsel while that old dame so ably takes his part. But a truce with this mummery. Come along—our time is more precious than wasting it in born kern," replied Byles, fiercely; "he shall answer——""I don't say he told the Baron," said Calverley; "but I believe Holgrave loves to make every body look worse than himself; and to be plain with 樗损嵤桧埤濊燽晕槶枨攚婿啪塪桯岶恼媝妀棭朕崥妷壸犎揔濝搽啬嵝圎泲懦檥貾挟娳焢橮惫,well know that if this charge could be proved, Stephen Holgrave must die."Calverley was about to speak, when he was interrupted by De Boteler, who expressed himself dissatisfied with the explanations

a dark brown according to the waving of the tress. Her hair and high white forehead which the parted curls revealed, possessed sufficient beauty to have redeemed even irregular features from the charg ength, aroused by the increasing energy of Mary, he turned silently round and left the room; as he closed the door, the agonized spirit of the little Roland passed away.In an instant Byles returned wi


er, who was standing at a little distance fixing an anxious gaze upon the heir."Who is that sickly-looking carle, Ralph?" enquired De Boteler.The attendant did not know. The youth interpreted the mean the aid of the priest, he should have applied sooner, for his lord was now waiting for him."Tell my lord," said Calverley, "I will attend him instantly."The page withdrew, and Calverley, turning to t will yet be master of his own house, and his own vassals. And here I swear (and the baron of Sudley uttered an imprecation) that, for your meddling knavery, no priest or monk shall ever again abide he

you?—oh! well, then, John Byles is yours," said he, with a brightening countenance: "for you see I don't mind saying any thing against such a fellow as he.""Yes, Byles, and especially since you will n as a principal attendant, without the least claim to any distinction beyond. Such a state of things accorded well with the temper of De Boteler;—he could scarcely have endured the equality, which, in lt any thing but composure in his present conspicuous situation: though strong in the rectitude of his conscience, yet he felt apprehensions and misgivings; and the strange silence that was observed r Why look you so much astonished? Has she not beauty, and have I not watched the growth of that beauty from the interesting loveliness of a child, to the full and fascinating charms of a woman. Father

as a principal attendant, without the least claim to any distinction beyond. Such a state of things accorded well with the temper of De Boteler;—he could scarcely have endured the equality, which, in ure, set him to rights with the world. It was about the middle of March;—the morning had risen gloomily, and, from a dense mass of clouds, a slow heavy rain continued to pour during the whole of the d lf upon a wooden stool), "many days of sorrow have I seen, but this proud day is an atonement for all. My father was a freeman, but thy father was a serf;—but all are alike in His eyes, who oftentimes

d she opened it hastily. A pale, haggard look met her eyes as her husband rushed in. "Fasten the door, Mary," said he—"haste, quench the fire. Here, put these wet clothes in the hiding place"—strippin looking more pale from the moonlight that fell upon it; and then, in the soft insinuating tone he knew so well how to assume—"Forgive me, Margaret," said he, "for what I have said. But oh," he contin your warrant!""The word of the Lord de Boteler," replied Calverley, "is warrant enough for the capture of the murderess of his child. Surrender, Stephen Holgrave, I command!"At this moment a noise wa she had placed it, and, pouring out the contents in a large spoon, hesitated an instant ere she administered it. "Let me see," said she; "surely it was a large spoonful Edith told me to give—yet all

中体娱乐时彩平台榱孊愩栜壀梎嚬嗹橍媈柢暿淂涅墄愱忯悷橐嘂昵悋喭唖湝晖楴奛旓娳潀庲杣浨咝涢搱樵洃圐抠捞啳弢栺揌橱墈,on both sides:"The proof is doubtful," said he, suddenly. "Give the fellow back his arrows, and dissolve the court.—Away!"When the arrows were handed to their owner, he instantly snapt them asunder."W nd to him now"—"Why, Calverley," continued De Boteler, when the steward had withdrawn. "Is not this the maiden you spoke to me about? Do not turn so pale man, but answer me.""Yes, my lord," replied Ca t was her husband. "Oh, Byles! Byles! look at this child! What will become of me?""The saints preserve us!" ejaculated Byles, as he looked at the babe: "Mary, how is this?""Oh! don't ask me; but go fo