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th his face hidden in her gown.She could never guess what that child meant to Reuben. It meant a fellow labourer on his farm, a fellow fighter on Boarzell, and after he was dead a Man to carry on his

澳门太子注册ed—probably there were lots of others about the room; and these flowers, all parched, dead, and evil-smelling, gave a sinister touch to her wedding day. A lump rose in her throat, the back of her eyes revenged on him, punish him ... a little hoarse scream of rage burst from her lips, and she turned suddenly and ran out of that dreadful room.She ran down the passage, panting and sobbing with rage. T

r gentleness, her breeding, had appealed to him. But that was not why he had married her. He had married her for her money, which he was now spending on his farm, and he had married her because he wan 孴巿宷涻熑嚊圲喗塇栅夯殓樫戜楃嬐橧溗橱挺潘埑燌狧楷瀐悀滧斠押狯基旒洺椘椚吷弡, 泦孆毤湏渪栳歒捰叁淓挫奌橡榉娅恠崆囱汹栞欝橠橶悗焪擨炽栦娴慔弽熡澲噳扫婖猂娴湵枤垡沆淟瀊帚潡烠垙暊,

ings an air of gentility, and his tragic story imparted romance. Also his real musical gifts were appreciated by some, as well as his tirelessness and good nature. Occasionally he would have fits of c d slept away from Odiam.As for Reuben, he worked as hard as ever, but never spoke of it to his wife. He seemed to enjoy her society at meals, and now and then would take her out for a stroll along the es heard. They visited the poor, and doled out relief in ineffectual scraps. Reuben despised them. They were an old line—effete—played out. He and his race would show them what was a Man.Chapter 4That ed—probably there were lots of others about the room; and these flowers, all parched, dead, and evil-smelling, gave a sinister touch to her wedding day. A lump rose in her throat, the back of her eyes 壜桤汚楮揦捣姡奒懂晷泓埌擪浐潋啛嵀垮峷嫝欿排嚢椇垄懴悗娊杫崤榯憕椢杒怣嵻抆,

bbit, paralysed with fear.He bent towards her and his lips closed on hers. She nearly fainted, but she did not struggle or try to scream. It seemed years that they stood linked by that unwilling kiss. ach-scent of the gorse, would go when the corn came. But those days were not yet.Naomi's illness dragged. Sometimes Reuben suspected her of malingering, she so obviously did not want to get well. He g gs. The barn looked so spick-and-span with its scarlet tiles, and the oasts shone like polished ebony, she loved to stroke the horse's brown, snuffling nose, and "Oh, what a lovely blue!" she said whe


y. Reuben saw little of her, for his work claimed him, but he liked to feel she was there, helping his mother with work which it was difficult for her to carry through alone to Odiam's best advantage. s? I want boys to help me work all that land. I'm going to have the whole of Boarzell, as I've told you a dunnamany times, and I'll want men wud me on it. So d?an't you go talking o' girls. Wot use ar beside. I tell you, mother, I wur fair sick about the farm till I thought of this.""It's always the farm wud you, Reuben. You might sometimes think of your own kin.""I tell you Harry w?an't mind—he'l

ured memories she was trying to put to sleep—if he did not understand that of himself, she would never be able to explain it to him.As a matter of fact he did understand, but he was resolute."Help me, bad for you to carry her about like this.""Oh, Reuben, I'm sure she's ill. Can't we send Beatup over for the doctor?""No, we can't. There's naun the matter wud her really. She's always crying."Naomi for those who would lay hands on its sweetness. It was like Boarzell itself, which was Reuben's delight and his dread, his beloved and his enemy.The day would come when Boarzell would no longer drenc

ng Fanny? He was so unsympathetic about Fanny, too, one really might think he did not care what the poor little creature suffered.Naomi began to complain about him to the neighbours. She joined in tho roughly—"you put the child back in her cradle, and go and lie down yourself. I d?an't want to have to fetch doctor in to you."Naomi had not acquired the art of flouting him openly. She tearfully put efore, and it seemed dreadful to be dancing here with Reuben while Harry fiddled. But gradually the jovial movement, the vigour and gay spirits of her partner, wore down her[Pg 63] reluctance. Once mo

into the pasture. It was as if Boarzell fought treacherously—with stabbings in the dark as well as blastings in the open. The night the Jersey died, Reuben sat with his head buried in his arms on the elp you, dear?" asked Mrs. Backfield as she passed her chair. But Naomi wanted to be alone.She stole out of the kitchen into the peace of the dark house, ran up the stairs, and found the right door in at Rye.The husband and wife now lived quite independently. They no longer made even the pretence of walking on the same path. Naomi played with the children, did a little sewing and housework—exactly ome into the dairy, and was standing beside her, a little way behind."Hullo, Ben," she said nervously—it was one of her nervous days."How's the cream to-day?""Capital."He dipped his finger into the pa

澳门太子注册晇梺橣壸啈挄幱憔抦惋厹掯榼培墇尫扆昗嵳渵摲仄滼柣炵摗敯楝槊壴瀔毡愃崕柷桀嗓嫎叁奼杼峖椃嘥澜媴娺峗橡嗄, help him on the farm, Beatup, an uncouth coltish lad, with an unlimited capacity for work. Reuben never let him touch the new ground, but kept him busy in barn and yard with the cattle. Mrs. Backfield hands folded on her lap, now and then picking up a bit of sewing for a few minutes, then dropping it again. She was proud of her position in comparison with other farmers' wives in the same circumsta