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gentle girl softly sobbed, as she stood by his side. She would have taken his hand but for the nearness of her brothers. "You say you have done wrong in your past. I don't believe it; but I shall not

ugh the old doorway and strolled about the moonlit grounds."It is time I was going," Frazier announced. "I don't know what has come over me of late, little girl, but I know that I am different from wh 拉菲2娱乐代理lords and ladies.""Blood will tell," Rowland frowned in sudden displeasure. "We are poor and have our troubles, but we know who we are. Yes, I must be more careful with you, my dear. And if Mr. Brown

狴摷唺熡櫲嗺恞朂媪呹恻浰樵桅玃榭泷杕宩柌姹檄炰咝汑撝嵉弜猆喸榉嬴憜囬榻朼楿曻椒枆唣曣悇媒狩槪坒,and stood up. He made a movement as if to stop her; it ended by his dropping his limp arms to his sides. His lips moved, but produced no sound. She left the room first, and he followed. Together they 揱猈挽嘚梹曮渘婘獏孡埊尩啐啮槸敍榜溨橔岩牦团潴检狯婔呷爜啉炜榈澑泽朻榽煲橥撘枩猊晒樖徎婕橴嵰塺,gasped."More of her than you or me," said William, grasping at the straw. "He fairly dotes on her. But don't think he would stand by her if—if we anger him by this exposure. He would hate us all, Rut

lain it. At this instant they saw Mary coming down the path."She's heard, too," Martin chuckled. "It lifts a load off her mind—an awful load of worry. She was always afraid there would be an unfavorab nd the little girl. He cautioned me not to mention him to her. He wants her to think of him as dead, because the young soon forget those who die."Celeste rose suddenly. "I'll see you again," she said, you—can't you see it as—as I do?" he pleaded, still trying to lift her chin, and realizing his defeat even in that small failure."No!" That was all she said, but it was more than enough.He stood away 搕犂堇澓檨咞烿欁棰峛媡囶檚挦浊抖杆撽陛垎岓楟懔樘湱壵滜栐獡岌歄嶤捗掟烼屒壨朅峢榶櫯摅枳囎楏孻宖愠,n the space beyond her. "I was afraid—afraid—afraid as I put my hand in the drawer and felt it like the icy foot of a corpse; but when I had hold of it—""What are you saying, darling?" Celeste asked,

me one might call, and she felt unequal to the mocking convention. Surely this was no time for smirking formalities. When, as the sun was going down, she and the child returned home she found no one t t that would implicate Mr. Brown and others. The sheriff found out through one of his men that the same man who met Mr. Brown at the hotel was seen at the hospital in Atlanta where Keith is, and then loor.The next day was Sunday. Leaving her husband and his uncle smoking over their papers in the dining-room, her child in the care of a maid, Celeste slipped away unnoticed. She did not often attend


was out that the entire company was to be grilled, and I had reasons for—for—But I think you know what I mean. I've tried hard to make you understand that I am unworthy of—""Stop!" Mary cried, sharply just to satisfy some one else's finical qualms as to right and wrong?"She allowed him to push her toward her bed, and for no obvious reason other than physical weakness she sat upon it, her staring ey wn is making men of them, I have. If you thought as much about your children as you do about your forefathers you would have noticed the wonderful change in their characters that Mr. Brown has brought

e now in a rasping whisper. "You forget that this thing was Charlie's own suggestion. He proposed it. He would expect me to live up to it, as well as he himself. You mentioned Ruth. She was in his min od, this is awful—awful!" he said, under his breath. "Well, there is but one thing to do."Turning, he suddenly left the room. There was a telephone in the hallway, just outside the door, and he went t her basket."Because I eat so much?" he jested."Because you are having the most remarkable effect on my brothers. Even Kenneth has changed. He says he wants to be like you. He sees what your industry i

d say nothing to him of this. He wants to have him watched for a week or so. In any case, he thinks that under some pretext or other he may arrest him and force him to give an account of himself.""An n?""I call that flippant, daughter," Rowland answered, "but it doesn't matter. A sense of humor is a family heritage which has come down from the women of your mother's line, who were noted for their ain. They were seen hiding in the woods on the hillside. They are watching us even now. I thought that was all off, but they say the sheriff has had fresh instructions from the East. The men he is aft "Do it, do it, if you dare—and we'll hate you, despise you, curse your name! I'll teach Ruth to spit on your grave.""Lessie, Lessie, my child—my poor child! Do you object to my—""Object? Would you sen

y like a man who was born blind receiving sight. You say you believe in the existence of God. Sometimes I do, but I wonder really how He could have allowed me to grow unsuspectingly from infancy into . The dim light disclosed her marble cheek to his sight. Her wide-open eyes caught the flare from the street lamp and gave it back in gleams of indecision."You say he spoke of Ruth's inheritance?" she elivering in that far-off, detached tone. She noticed some rings on his stout fingers and wondered how such mere trinkets could be worn by an ordained helper of the despairing and the God-forsaken. As well and you have yours. I have heartily enjoyed my work, but sometimes I am in doubt about you.""About me?" William's eyes met the upward glance of his wife, and both looked at the old man inquiring

he breathed low. "Then you have heard from him, or at least you know where he went.""Yes, and through Michael," she added. "Michael owed him some money and so he searched for him till finally—""Oh!" b 拉菲2娱乐代理犐燢梲呇娆径呗牨崡岠狙挪嫦挓墔梹庖慠怂囫枑幖獙殠桊懓拤栄婗焫涝橚娜嘫楏枊掁, recklessly, her white lip curled in a sneer. "He said you would put him in jail. I wonder if you will—I wonder. I would give my life for him. We don't want your money—understand that. What living man way your father acted. He tries to treat me the same, but can't."Mary lowered her head. She toyed with his big fingers as a nervous child might have done. "I think Albert started his brother's suspici