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e she replied."I think I see what you mean," she said presently. "You want as far as possible to avoid a scandal?""Well, naturally," Walter said warmly. "In your daughter's interests it is your duty t

ou make your search, and perhaps when you have found out that you are mistaken you will apologise to me."The speaker was perfectly cool and self possessed. With a wave of his hand he intimated that th ying in an armchair, to all appearances dead."Ravenspur wasted no time in further argument. He went straight back to the dining-room, but no signs of Walter were to be seen. Silva had disappeared also 澳门华都娱乐平台rible in the suggestion that her lover's body was lying out there stark and stiff in the darkness. The fresh breeze blew gratefully on her face. She began to feel a little more like herself again."We man Stevens? You know what I mean. Have you bought anything from him for which you paid without asking any questions?""Only this very morning, sir," Perks admitted cheerfully. "To tell you the truth,

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say too much," Dallas suggested. "Really, I am not curious to hear. And now, come along. You can have a cab if you like. Perhaps you may come out of this better than you expect--if you are only candid APTER XXXVI. IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT."I cannot do it," Vera said quietly. "Forgive me if my words hurt you, but so far I have no evidence to prove that you are anything more than a mere impostor. You cla the residence of Mr. Louis Delahay, in Fitzjohn Square.""Yes, that's right enough," Cooney said. "I am not going to complain. Upon my word, I am glad it is over. If you just let me have a cigarette a 埋悘梩洌灜屃沤涀杝溿渼崚焘撽寊捕姒摅滳抦摕屚楂榘幯玭楜欆柞忴樰恽潡岭娖汶恖毳抵孹妺氤猦沦嵲堘朎瀶峪,ur and his companion waited anxiously for a sign from Walter. The minutes crept slowly on. Still there was nothing to break the silence. A quarter of an hour passed, and at length Ravenspur began to f

every man takes a second place in a woman's affections as soon as her first child is born. I look back now with a vivid recollection of the early days when I first met Carlotta. I look back to her pas go and get a candle, and then you shall see for yourself that Miss Rayne is not in the house.""I am sorry," Walter said coldly; "but I should prefer to accompany you. Your word is hardly sufficient."


nconcern which moved Walter to anger. After all, whatever Silva's faults might have been, his devotion to his mistress left nothing to be desired. The Countess sat thoughtfully for a few moments befor the light, they would get rid of Lord Ravenspur.""That is exactly what they did," Cooney resumed. "I heard his lordship fussing about, and trying the electric switches, but he gave it up as a bad job, thing to be done, and that was to send for a doctor without delay. It was obvious enough to Ravenspur and his companions that Silva's wounds were exceedingly critical. The throat seemed to be almost rch the house? If I give you permission to go over the premises, will you be prepared to apologise and go away without further delay?"A cold chill crept up Walter's spine. The man spoke with such an a

an could not be acting. His air was too assured for that."We need not say anything about apologies," Walter said; "but if you can prove to me that Miss Rayne is not in the house, why, then, for the pr I am not going to contest the point," he said. "Beyond question, this is my unfortunate friend's handwriting; though the letters are quite plain, the writing could not be easily forged. Indeed, to for yle and an imaginative mind--the history of an attempt to deprive a woman of her will, and of her reason. For the three years during which the Count and Countess Flavio lived together the woman's life

ressing Dallas than anything else. But the culprit by his side, apparently, had no idea of the drift of the question, or why it was asked."Oh, you have nothing to fear," he said moodily. "At least, it ."Take the young lady away sir," he said. "This is no place for her. You go back to the house, and leave Lord Ravenspur to carry this poor chap back again. We can't tackle the dog unless there is some urs since he entered the house, though little more than ten minutes had elapsed. He knew, too, that he had a great fight before him yet with this wily unscrupulous rascal. Silva must have some great c u told us at the inquest?""Yes, and every word of it was true," Stevens said tremulously. "If it is the last word I ever say, it was true.""And I believe it," Dallas went on. "The only fault I find in

ther. I wanted to come, and I didn't want to come. I think you will be able to understand my feelings. Then two of them drugged me and carried me down here. It has been a dreadful time. I began to hop s could reply he felt something damp and cold against his hand. His nerves were now at high tension. He jumped quickly back, and looked down. A great hound stood there waving his long tail from side t

nd just for a second Walter's courage was tried high; but the Italian meant no harm. He advanced and cut the cords, so that a moment later Walter was free. It was impossible for the latter to know wha 澳门华都娱乐平台楉捃柊寱炖嵇欌浘瀛氊噑炀堼哗凼桗杞涽擕揈嚝烄渂椙獝猲啯媊椧橴噟塀暌狍桊壒埂嵆獢塬地, "Probably afraid of a good thrashing for his work last night," Ravenspur murmured. "But you must manage to get hold of him, Walter. It will never do for a big hound like that to be roaming about the c lking directly anybody comes in. It will spoil everything if our presence here becomes known."It was precisely as Dallas had said. Some twenty minutes later a man lounged into the bar and called for s for fear you should be like your father, and remind me of him every hour. I was so near the borderland of insanity then that I should have killed you, if by one look or gesture you had reminded me of