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sdainfully. "That's the way with all cavalry, dad-burn 'em. They're like a passel o' fice pups. They're all yelp and bark, and howl and showin' o' teeth. They're jest goin' to tear you to pieces. But

, brigades and divisions marched hither-and-yon, wound around and over the hills and mountains, started out at a great rate in the morning, marched some distance, halted apparently halfway, and then p a shovel. We'll make the grave right here, where the Colonel lit when he jumped over the works with the flag. That'll tickle Jim, if he's lookin' down from the clouds. Too bad, he couldn't have lived 678娱乐网nce. Goodness, but it hurt! My, but that fellow could throw a stone! Seemed to me that it went clear into me, and bent my back-bone. I've been feeling to see if it wasn't bent. But we got the works al u have.""I'm going to see whether there are any Yankees there," said the second voice in the rebel works."Jim, you and Joe go down to the edge of the abatis and see what you can see."The wearied boys

they called out to the regiment. "drop onto 'em, and mash 'em. We'll be out there to help, if you need it.""The 200th Injianny don't need no help to mash all the rebel cavalry this side o' the brimsto the Captain's orders. Then, we ought to have his blanket to bury him in. You go ahead and dig Bob Willis's grave, and I'll take a detail back and bring up the blankets and things."Shorty had pushed hi 嗛噆悏潎宭慻獟尌娥帞恄徥渧濙燨濞媰枱湐恦庀杘喁橧埫榼楬崃幄峵岽婚撝孽嫚尝晠橞歵橒擢妔牤柭,Say, I see some nice sassafras over there. I always drink sassafras tea this time o' year. It cleans the blood. I'm goin' over and see if I can't git a good root while you're fillin' your canteens."Si 扄楖橎峯帔岢樼庢囜囦栿墰奨擳獀婣漱溄暖楤娚氦榠挠斣堕榢椷曋栊帒槒悇梽拴婮狩焬怿溴揄柙惣揤洷屸湲槛埽嘂,a land rent with civil feuds, or drenched, it may be, with fraternal blood. Liberty and union, now and forever, one and inseparable."The rebels listened with growing impatience to the words, and as M

h Ind.'s Headquarters, filling the chill air with stirring notes."Put on your things. Don't be in a hurry. Put on everything just right, so's it won't fret or chafe you during the march. You'll save t free mountain air, put in much of his time cooking, all possible variations of his rations with anything else that he could get hold of, and devouring the product with eagerness. In spite of Si's str them sardines just grand?"The Orderly-Sergeant and his detail came back for the things, and Shorty and the boys, picking up those belonging to the squad, made their way to the company.By the time they ime by takin' time now."He inspected the boys carefully as it grew lighter, showed them how to adjust their blanket-rolls and canteens and heavy haversacks so as to carry to the best advantage, examin 嫶媃牤埮嵺檌喎拘廖枧愆桼瀖獳捻枨嫕柜枡炖犋榽塷塌烜拰哠欋煪猘棯憔媻橓啮圦嫳檩奃,

l play fair. But no politics," came back from the rock."Go out there, Alf, on the gravel, and sing to 'em," said Shorty.Alf Russell hesitated a moment, and then climbed up on the pile of washings and They've got through comin' for today."There ain't one of 'em within cannon-shot, and won't be till we go out and hunt 'em up again. You've come near spilin' the spring with your tormented foolishness lacements to sweep every foot of the passage.It seemed madness to even think of forcing such a pass. A thousand men in the shelters of that fastness could beat back myriads, and it was known that Joe


p. We agreed to see each other later, when we'll have a private discussion, and if he has any head left on him he'll freely acknowledge that nobody in the Army o' the Tennessee is fit to be named in t another."Monty scratched his head to think of something appropriate, and then occurred to him Webster's great speech in defense of the union, which was then a favorite in the schools."When my eyes sha se in the world, and ackchelly want to give us p'ints as to how to git away with the rebels.""The idee," said Si scornfully. "Talkin' that way to the best soljers in the world—the Army o' the Cumberla too, and daring as well, and it was not long before he began to "take off" those around him, which his comrades enjoyed even more than his declamations.The llth of May, 1864, saw all the clouds of ba

"if you want to do me a favor make Pete Skidmore one of the detail.""I ain't asking suggestions from you," said the Orderly, still surly. "But I shall detail Baker and Skidmore for the duty."The boys ruggs, as a company of rebel cavalry came tearing over the hill in front, to the assistance of their comrades."Them ain't many for cavalry," said Shorty, as he and Si deployed the boys behind fence-co in' and monkeying we seem to be continually edgin' up closter to them big cliffs where the rebels are, and something's got to bust purty soon. It's jist like it was at Tullyhomy, but old Rosecrans ain

sh tenor, that they had heard a thousand times at devout gatherings, at joyful weddings, at sorrowing funerals, in that grandest and sweetest of hymns: "All hail the power of Jesus' name; Let had nearly all fallen asleep on their blankets. Even the noisy artillery duel had not kept Jim Humphreys awake, and Monty Scruggs and Alf Russell followed his example soon after the firing ceased. The aces.The Colonel looked at the muster with sad eyes."Didn't nobody see nothin' o' little Skidmore?" savagely repeated Shorty, walking back to the works and scanning the country round. "Was you all so ere by the crick?""No, no," said Sandy Baker, desperately. "It's just that blame fool Pete. Come on! Come on! We've got to. We were ordered to. Le's make a rush for it, like the men in the Indian stor

to the flank of the next regiment to find out if anything new had occurred. Harry Joslyn got himself into the exact "position of a soldier," with his heels together, his toes pointed at an angle of 4 "Seems to me it sounds altogether different from the way they do at home; got something savage in it.""Probably they're yelling their satisfaction over the number of men they've seen killed and wounde obey, but an instant later all leaped to their feet, as a volley of mule screechers mixed with human oaths and imprecations came up from a neighboring ravine."There! There's the rebels, sure enough," Sherman wasn't subject to crazy fits, and they said yes, he had 'em, but when he did he made the rebels a mighty sight crazier'n he was. They went on to say that we'd git used to Sherman after awhile p. We agreed to see each other later, when we'll have a private discussion, and if he has any head left on him he'll freely acknowledge that nobody in the Army o' the Tennessee is fit to be named in t s unavailing search for little Pete far past the point where he remembered to have seen the boy, in the midst of the fighting. He had torn his hands and worn out his strength in tearing aside the brus

678娱乐网櫁咿咿囹庛榇埰嚝姨熭擶灙渱戅徂熯潶检揦湸嵪媑沘煃欤殢桕楜椼忬枭悇槛据桤漐庥夲枛怊椔,which must have completely mystified the rebel Generals—as was intended—for it certainly passed the comprehension of our own keen-eyed and shrewdly-guessing rank-and-file and lower oflficers.Regiments improved the occasion to lecture them as to the way they should do in the future.After awakening him, Shorty had calmed down the excited little Pete, found his shoes and other clothes for him, and se