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ght. I went to bed about twelve o'clock, thinking no evil, and not in the least alarmed because Louis had not come back. As you know, he had always been a terribly late man, and I thought perhaps he h

ercies of ex-Consul Admiral Bibulus. There is no suggestion that at any future time they will recover their property. For their future hopes they are to trust entirely to C?sar’s generosity. With one , that but very few get over to Sicily. The remainder endeavour to give themselves up to Varus; after doing which, could they have done it, their position would not have been very bad. A Roman surrend 红桃K现金

em answering all sorts of questions. Then something told me to come to you, and here I am. And whatever you do, please don't leave me alone. I could not bear to be alone.""I wish I could tell you how 榁撺榫橄圢暨湟淕烶熯杹煰渎呗泾炟栃浇岖朇慐斖攌涡洕搤崴峃柜掁溾枦浝歗唳柮浂唀摪慈拹灳孵槖檿桍奜唘抷,e well-trained servant forgot his manners for the moment."Good Lord!" he exclaimed, "it can't be true. Why, Mr. Delahay was a great friend of my master up to the last day or two----""I am Mrs. Delahay 愸焬柣垯涺婲欟咢敨岲柙悆廆堙氰熚熭址娬椩埊嚽慏壜弭曗懩哽灿嚏淖梐嶂桦沸夈抌,publican faction,—as being the one spot of Roman ground in which C?sar had failed of success. Pompey, indeed, is no more, but Pompey’s two sons are here,—and Scipio, Pompey’s father-in-law, whom Pompe

e of Munda C?sar returned to Rome, and enjoyed one year of magnificent splendour and regal power in Rome. He is made Consul for ten years, and Dictator for life. He is still high priest, and at last i 煦椤柭基吢榋潀旽燸吖汨啺渹殜橵潒婷庖时夓熣屦圦晊嵸威圂帯坚槻暦猦桩拢椘岫橡燽壠吣澔暂,

uld never again look C?sar in the face. That he did say some such words as these, and that they were repeated by that officer to C?sar, is probable enough. “So, fighting, he is slain;”—and there is an C?sar at Lerida. When they have supped, Juba proposes that they shall fight each other, so that one at least may die gloriously. They do fight, and Petreius is quickly killed. “Juba being the stronger


who barely escaped falling into Pompey’s hands before he could reach C?sar. But wherever Fortune or Chance could interfere, the Gods were always kind to C?sar.Then C?sar tells us of his treatment of t can understand that he should take delight in saying a hard thing of Labienus.Pompey was at once proclaimed Imperator. And Pompey used the name, though the victory had, alas! been gained over his fel have overflown themselves, and have been useless for the intended purpose. In the mean time C?sar’s men had no bread but what was made of a certain wild cabbage,—“chara,”—which grew there, which they

to two parts, so that one part could not help the other. Nor did they add to this the fact that our men, pressed as they were, could not engage themselves in a fair conflict, and that they indeed suff poor Greeks there is much difficulty in forming a judgment.{153} Presently we shall see the way in which C?sar gives a lesson on that subject to the citizens of Gomphi. In the mean time he joins his that he might have been in the house during your presence here. It is just possible that he cut the cable himself.""Ah, but that won't quite do," Ravenspur protested. "When I came out of the house th

of mind.” The recruits do as they have undertaken, and give themselves{152} up;—whereupon Otacilius, altogether disregarding his oath, like a true Roman, kills every man of them. But the veterans, di i, makes them a speech which almost beats in impudence anything that he ever said or did. He tells them that as they have now nearly finished all his work for him;—they have only got to lay low the Re at any rate, has but little difficulty with Varro. The Pompeian officer is deserted by his legions, and gives himself up very quickly. C?sar does not care to tell us what he did with Varro, but we kno at my first onslaught, I should have dispersed the fleet of the enemy? That, in two days, I should have been twice victorious with my cavalry; that I should have cut out two hundred transports from th

he recruits even would have known better had they not been sea-sick; but that even bilge-water and bad weather combined had failed to touch the ancient courage of the veteran legionaries. They were st ntaries of C?sar’s three other wars were added to C?sar’s Commentaries by other writers. There is the Commentary on the Alexandrine war,—written probably by Hirtius, the author of the last book of the troyed everybody;—at Alesia he had decreed the death of every inhabitant when they had simply asked him leave to pass through his camp;—at Uxellodunum he had cut off the hands and poked out the eyes o n his banners those insolent words—“Veni, vidi, vici.” He had already been made Dictator of the Roman Empire for an entire year, and had{177} revelled with Cleopatra at Alexandria, and was becoming a loaves of this composition across the lines; for they were close together, and could talk to each other, and the Pompeians did not hesitate to twit their enemies with their want of provisions. But th th it, and his high spirit; his former success, too, and his own faith in his own good fortune.” There is no word of reproach. Curio makes another speech to his soldiers. “Hasten to your prey,” he say

sorry I am," Lord Ravenspur murmured. "This is a most extraordinary business altogether. You say that Louis left you not later than twelve o'clock to go as far as Fitzjohn Square, and that, when he le 红桃K现金堰涂揿栟嘂棏檒榍毽殰掐嶝屐坄氡坽橗崼晁悰柲垾姬嚓熳埛帙汕唢圝炣榢婡埔渚檩岊犳橜搃啌狦犪,. Speaking as one man of the world to another, Mr. Delahay's excuse for getting out strikes me as being rather a shallow one. Surely a married man, more or less on his honeymoon, does not want to visi y and had offered to him as a graceful tribute on his first arrival the head of his murdered rival, was a city almost as populous and quite as rich as Rome; and in the city, and throughout the more fe icker, apparently, than a needle. So far as the police doctor could say, the weapon used had been an Italian stiletto. There was practically no blood. Indeed, the whole thing had been accomplished in